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Making Money Through Blogs


The Internet is the wonder of today’s world.  Everyday one is discovering the wonders and powers of this new medium.  Today, it is the Internet that makes the world go round, along with money. 

Webster’s has defined a Blog as ‘a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer’.  US Dictionary Merriam-Webster’s has also declared that the word ‘blog’ is their ‘word of the year’ in their annual pronouncement of the Top 10 words of 2004. 

Blogging has grown tremendously since its inception and has also thrown up many ways to ‘Earn Through Blogs’. Given below are some common income streams for bloggers: 

Advertising programs – This is an ideal and common route for bloggers to generate income via contextual ad programs from Google – Adsense. There are several more like BlogAds, Intelli Txt and YesAdvertising. The list seems endless and is evergrowing.  

RSS Advertising – Ongoing improvements to the ad programs exploring this option increases its popularity and makes it profitable. 

Sponsorship – Direct advertising on blogs is growing daily.  This is an exciting way for a manufacturer to establish a direct 2-way link with his customer and reap all the inherent advantages of this association.  Sponsorship is also increasing on a post-by-post basis.  Companies are paying bloggers to write on their products.   

Affiliate Programs - There are thousands of affiliate programs, ranging from large to the very small that are generating income for bloggers.  Amazon, Linkshare, Clickbank and Commission Junction are just a few examples of the larger affiliate programs being used. 

Digital Assets – Advanced, tech savvy bloggers have been developing digital assets, in order to add revenue streams to their blogs and gain more support. E-books, tele-seminars, e-courses, on almost every subject are being run by bloggers. This income stream is growing daily.   

Blog Network Opportunities or Blogging for Others – The growing popularity of Blog Networks has increased the income earning avenues through blogging.  Bloggers are now writing for and with others. Obtaining a contract with a big network may be difficult. However, there are a plethora of small networks that are always in need of new bloggers willing to join and pay using a variety of payment models. There are obvious advantages to blogging for an established network. They handle most of the functions such as set up / admin / SEO and promotions. Bloggers now take on network blogs as additional avenues of income and combine that with writing for themselves on their blog sites. 

Business Blog Writing Opportunities – Blogging today is being used by all kinds of industries and people.  Large businesses today are starting blogs. Many of them even have internal staff take on blogging duties as part of their regular duties. 

Non Blogging Writing Opportunities – Bloggers now write for non-blogging mediums too.  They are constantly being approached to write for newspapers, magazines and other non-blog websites. Bloggers are even becoming published authors. 

Donations and Fundraising – Established bloggers use their blog sites to raise funds for a cause they believe in. Merchandising – Blogging and Blog sites are being popularized through merchandise like T-shirts and caps.  Large blog sites with a cult following are generating huge money via this route.  

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Wednesday 16th January 2019