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Home-based Part-Time Jobs for Extra Income 

Home-based part-time jobs are becoming popular today among: 

People between jobs: Those who have received that dreaded pink slip or those who have taken time off to upgrade their skills. 

Retired people: Those who have reached the legal retirement age, but still have the energy to be productive or more importantly, retired people who need to meet economic commitments that are beyond their pension checks. 

Mothers with young children: Mothers who have made a choice to stay at home till their children go to school. 

Part time employment for these people is attractive because it allows them to earn an income, doing work they have an aptitude for and at the same time meeting the other commitments they might have, like looking after young children or studying. 

 Five Steps To Finding Work At Home  

1) Telecommunicating:  The Internet is a limitless source of information on every conceivable topic.  The internet could be your source for finding areas in which you could work, helping you to market your skills, put you in touch with people / organizations looking for your skills on a part time basis.  It would also give you vital information on any certification that you may require to do a particular job. 

2) Skill Inventory: You need to list your skills or what you have to offer.  You need to market yourself.  To increase your visibility this should be done in an up-to-date manner.  This could mean using a different terminology.  To give a basic example, two generations ago a woman who stayed at home was called a housewife.  To the next generation she became a domestic engineer. 

When marketing your services or skills, work on each presentation separately.  When you find a job that suits your skill sets and your requirements, study the requirements of the person offering the job and then establish a match.  This would mean than you need to highlight some of your skills more than others to make your skill sets more attractive. 

3) Search for Work: You could do this on the net or at the supermarket, depending on the kind of job you are looking for.  Look for a job that meets your skill sets and your time and physical constraints.  Don’t jump at the first job that you think meets your requirements.  Try and find 3-4 jobs and then make a selection.  You are more likely to be happy long term. 

4) Submit a Quality Resume: A part time job should be treated with the same level of seriousness as a full time job.  Therefore, when preparing your resume, pay attention to detail, as this is the first impression that your potential employer gets of you and first impressions tend to be lasting impressions.  Remember that like you there are others who may be more qualified, who are also probably applying for the same job, so submit a resume that will make you stand out from the rest. 

5) Don’t Give up: Perseverance with a home-based job is very important and at times, it may not be as rewarding in terms of remuneration or job satisfaction, as you expected.  It may be tougher and more time consuming than you had originally thought, but hang in there and you will probably soon find that you are getting better at it or enjoying it more. 

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Wednesday 16th January 2019